Sympathetic Day

As I mentioned in my first post, I complete a poem every Friday and Tuesday. I think realistically I’ll aim to put one poem a week onto here. Below is yesterday’s. Please leave me comments if you have feedback or questions. It’d be greatly appreciated! I’d love to know what you think. I hope in the coming days to begin creating illustrations for some of my poems.

If you are suitably placed, please try to read poetry out loud, it’s almost always better that way. Read it twice if you can. I do, because I need to train my brain to accept that I can’t take everything in at once, nor do I get a proper impression of what the writer intends with just the one quick read. They weren’t rushing, so I don’t want to! I’m trying to enjoy being slow, and I’m finding patience very rewarding.


Sympathetic Day


Dull morning watches
my hand slowly lower
into a tin of paint:

the slimy envelope,
sucking in my digits,
returning them alien, helpless,
coated in gloss.

Aghast, embarrassed noon watches
emulsion in fat balls drip,
sloppily slapping onto the door, staining
table, kettle, tap – sticky
prints of attempted activity –

Four o’clock holds me still, anxious
I make no more mayhem.

Dusk patiently eyes the crust,
tightening and cracking
in the creases of my palm.

An unwatched sunset aches and fades,
night grieves the died day,
lost to a fabricated mess.


Thank you. Now, enjoy this:


And be kind.


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