Painting: Pears


Like I mentioned in my initial post, I paint in gouache. It’s like watercolour, but more pigmented, so it gives more vibrancy and the painter has more control over how opaque it is.

I usually get some painting or sketching done everyday, as one of my ‘disciplines’. I’m not very good with the sketching but I do it to help the painting. A good painting idea can easily die at the sketching stage without the right level of ability. (I’m learning that the hard way!)

So, above is the most recent piece in my pad, a stylised study of some pears. Later today they will be stewed to accompany porridge in the morning. Yum!

I first started painting almost a year ago, and only used it in a large, thick papered book as an art journal. Only in the last few months have I been working to improve my skills and create pieces.

These green guys are in the same style as the oranges in my header image. I painted those last week. My husband prefers the pears, but here are the oranges:


I enjoy this style, and I’m wondering what other subjects it could lend itself to. I’ve done a few of mountains in a more ‘bare’ style, but similarly using the amorphous outlined shapes to exaggerate the highlights and shadows for more drama.

I am benefitting hugely from practising the focus needed to paint something that’s in front of you, and from the satisfaction of liking what you see on the page when it’s done! I’d love to hear what you think of these pieces. It’s taking a fair amount of brave to share them.

Have a blessed week.


6 thoughts on “Painting: Pears

  1. You take commissions? I’m thinking of putting an EP together in January, would like some original art for it. Not really got an idea for a concept as yet though. Here’s a tentative tracklist, probably going to pull tunes out more than add tunes in. If you fancy, give it a listen maybe and lemme know what springs to your mind. I want something fuzzy and simple with angles and stuff maybe.


    • Thanks very much! I was wondering the same thing this morning actually whilst in the shower… worth a try! If it turns out half-well I might post it. I do some faces/portraits in a naturalistic style, but it’s definitely harder to do faces than still life, at least I find. It can easily turn out.. unflattering, haha. Thanks for your comment!


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