Poem: Unlike the Clouds

My husband and I are on our way to Portsmouth for my Grandma’s funeral tomorrow. (Although right now we’re stuck in Guildford waiting for a coach without broken de-misters to take us the rest of the way.)

We set off really early this morning and I saw the sunrise as Joe slept. I think I got about 5 poems out of a few hours in silence and growing light.

Unlike The Clouds


From the top down, pupils squint to see,
blue-to –yellow, the pink-striped sky,
preaching a new mercies, new morning gospel
over the cold ground
soaking in dew,
grateful like it’s manna, and greener
for the waking of the rich hues
of the striped lines, parallel lines
in square sections.

A world away from the messy organisation
of A-roads and off streets,
roundabouts and junctions,
with people in vehicles
working too early
like the clouds,
but not appreciating
the light
thankfully here
again today.


Merry Christmas!



The last few years’ Christmases have felt really different, and not so ‘Christmassy’ for me, but this year I’m hoping for a comeback. I just wrapped my husband’s first gift and his excitement is catching! (Or maybe I just enjoy taunting him..)

It’s Tuesday again and I’ll have a poem by the end of today, but to share with you today is one of a couple of festive motifs I’ve done for a card-swap on Tumblr. It’s with a blog called Positivity in Pain, a community for people who have chronic illnesses.

With the painting I was going for a very old fashioned looking, traditional motif – vamped to an enjoyably saccharin degree. I think it’s a big part of the Christmas experience: cheesy music you don’t like (on repeat everywhere), trashy plasticky decorations and flashy lights everywhere. I don’t know why, but I enjoy it.

Yearly tastelessness at least keeps it to once a year!

If you’ve got time, we’re loving this album at the moment

The Worst Poem (to date)

Clouds are heavy but sink slowly
risen from somewhere I can’t see in the city.
My head rises from the pillow
when the light is coming through the window

I sink as the day goes on, slow and softly,
gravity wins me and the clouds.
I close the blinds when the light is gone.

Don’t believe anyone when they say less-than-perfect mental health is conducive to creativity. During the past week or so I experienced a stressful event, which I avoided fixing, naturally, and my writing has been almost non-existent. My painting has been technically focussed rather than creative – I used it as a way of spinning my avoidance for something productive and positive.

I can’t create much good (art, conversation.. anything!) when I’m trying to ignore myself. (I’m also bad at answering the phone.) The problem was soon resolved by other people and I still wasn’t okay, for a while later, to the point where it’s disturbed my sleep and day to day activities.

It has triggered a small low (read: weepy) period for me.

But Tuesday happened, and Tuesdays demand a poem, no matter how poor and unworked. I think if I worked at this one it’d get worse, and possibly more pretentious.

Now go check in on someone you care for. If that’s you, that’s good too.
Hope you have a happy tomorrow.

Happy Sunday

Today I’ve got a poem and a painting for you! This painting was great fun to work on. The photo credit goes to Highlens. I chose the photograph to work from for its texture and light.


I wasn’t going to post a poem as well today, but I’ve been feeling unconfident in my writing so here you are. Would love to know thoughts about it, I think it takes a couple of reads.

Why My Eyes Work

All of my spirit and all of my thoughts
and my physical self clamber
into one space, one point,
the furthest point of the curve of my eyes,
pressed up against the glass
like children to peek at fireworks.

Gathered at the brink of the realm of myself,
before any further and
the space becomes ‘there’, or ‘you’,
and not ‘me’, anymore.

The nebula ‘round the window of my soul
stands between my whites
and the blackness, absorbing the view,
to stop my looking glasses mixing.
Becoming grey to look out of,
and grey to look into.

I’d like to have reflectivity,
a gleaming, shining health
so your vital eyes, and their starlight can gaze
and see; from the orbs of your soul,
that are framed, with stars or like telescopes;
mine. See my eyes, my soul.

With my two worlds
living behind two mirrors,
like the back of a spoon,
I’d like you to see you, too.

All of this work and magic,
mystery and certainty, working in tandem
for you to see you, when you look at me.

I’d like to keep health simply for one thing:
for both of us, to see ourselves and each other.
To watch from our worlds’ thresholds
the world past ‘us’, that we will build
for as long as we can.

Painting: Wet-on-wet

I’ve not had the easiest week, and definitely not the best for writing, but in terms of painting I’ve had some fun experimenting so I thought I’d share that with you.

I’ve been enjoying playing with wet-on-wet techniques and then going in on the dry layer with a fairly dry, heavily pigmented brush. The results had varying levels of success! I’m wondering what you guys with think of them.



This sea scene was all wet work for the sky, water,landscaping and then I went back through with a drier brush for the details on the posts and the layers of grasses, trying to get the sense of depth. How do you think I did? I know there’s a lot I can do by way of precision and realism, but I like the wild feel it has, like it’s windy and damp.

It’s quite a lot of fun to do this technique, pulling the pigment around on the paper, it’s fast, and you don’t know quite how it’s going to turn out until the end. It’s great for practising.


And I painted this yesterday after meeting a ladybird on my way home from Morrisons.. I’m quite happy with the two little bits of shine, one on the lady, and one on the bottom of the green leaf. In future I’m going to prepare my palette and colours ahead of time, so the colours are closer in relation to each other, I think that would achieve better cohesion.

I’m still playing with ideas around the style I showed you last week (the pears and oranges), so watch this space. I know this posts more naturalistic approach isn’t my forté  but I think it’s worth working on. I sometimes like to take the same subject and reproduce it in many ways, so I still might do that with the leaves.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, and find something fun you can do.