Merry Christmas!



The last few years’ Christmases have felt really different, and not so ‘Christmassy’ for me, but this year I’m hoping for a comeback. I just wrapped my husband’s first gift and his excitement is catching! (Or maybe I just enjoy taunting him..)

It’s Tuesday again and I’ll have a poem by the end of today, but to share with you today is one of a couple of festive motifs I’ve done for a card-swap on Tumblr. It’s with a blog called Positivity in Pain, a community for people who have chronic illnesses.

With the painting I was going for a very old fashioned looking, traditional motif – vamped to an enjoyably saccharin degree. I think it’s a big part of the Christmas experience: cheesy music you don’t like (on repeat everywhere), trashy plasticky decorations and flashy lights everywhere. I don’t know why, but I enjoy it.

Yearly tastelessness at least keeps it to once a year!

If you’ve got time, we’re loving this album at the moment


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