On an Island, Painting

I’ve struggled to get back into things since my last post, and I’ve also had a uni deadline, so I’m not quite where I want to be in terms of routines again yet. I’ve also been in a really low place. Hoping to make some decisive action for that soon.

But, to keep in the flow of sharing what I’m up to, I’ve bought a few detail brushes and new pencils. It’s always fun to get new kit now and then. I’ve had a theme going this week, of islands. So here is a little a5 piece in pencil and gouache:


I was playing with still achieving some sense of depth and interest whilst messing up the ‘true’ picture, as in, some detailed areas falling into abstract shapes of colour and shadow. I’m not sure how well it comes through, especially in the scanned image.

I’m feeling a bit like I’m on an island myself. Hoping to bring you something I’m happier with next time!


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