Am I Naked like the Trees? (Painting, poem, and good news!)


I fall out the apartment with no more grace than a fat bird.
Both parties,
surprised by the power of my presence,
my step into the pavement
scatters a squabble of seagulls
like a dropped bag of marbles,
out into the sky.

All the branches of the trees are undressed today
letting me see so much further:
a horizon far along is close today,
hidden things now clear.

And all things
all greyer, matt and crisp.
My face dry, and the world alike.

I’m so clothed, so wrapped up,
but feel so naked today.

So naked, and shivering, like the arms of the trees
that suspend cherry blossom clouds,
like billowing sheets out to dry.

We’re both shivering,
but at least I can come home.

Bonjour. This is the first time I have managed to paint and write about the same thing. I hope you can relate to the coldness we’re experiencing lately Up North. Winter feels so long and so severe.

My Good News:

I’ve had a poem of mine published in the Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine! Click through to download it for free (!) or buy a print copy. Support artists and feed your soul at the same time, win-win! It’s a fantastic publication.

Have the loveliest evening.


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