Gleam Splendidly: A Cut-Up Poem


I’m getting busy in my little poetry world, and sadly this has meant I’ve not been writing much I can share here. However this poem is my ‘homework’ from a poetry class I’ve just started. We had to make a poem using the ‘cut up’ technique: I think the name speaks for itself. It’s a technique used by David Bowie and William Burroughs, two people whose work I highly regard.

For this poem I used: The Thought-Fox by Ted Hughes, My People by Carl Sandburg, one page from Calendar Girls by Tim Firth, My People by Kin Moore, and Sylvia Plath’s Wuthering Heights, plus some info taken from

The link between all the sources were that they are connected in some way to Yorkshire, and I think that’s apt to how the poem has turned out and its meaning.

I really enjoyed it! What do you think? What do you take from its meaning? I’d be really interested to know.



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