Chevin Walk

chevin 1.jpg


We walked, to find the greatest view – a valley
from the city – rock rust like ancient monsters
voyeurs of time, above us, then pedestal,
we’re easy walkers, our talking travels us
up Otley Chevin to Jenny’s Cottage, weather crumbled,
like us, hard weather battered, but better for the journey.


Another Rock in the Sea (Painting)


Currently feeling worse for wear after a church youth weekend away, and having just returned from yoga. At least I can paint sitting down!

I’m working on some sonnet-esque stuff in my writing, but this piece is some ‘showable’ work I’m currently doing. I rarely cover the whole A4 page in my book, but here we are. I like this style with the outline in pen.

Happy February: Paintings

February is upon us. I’m thinking of it as the ‘true’ start to the year, January was a trial period for me. In other news, I’ve been playing with more silhouetted foregrounds in my painting. My favourite is the first one with the pen over the graduated sky colours. I’m trying to not let my ‘landscapes’ become static and lifeless, so I’ve chosen slightly more vibrant colours and a rough-and-ready approach to the finish of the pieces (read: not perfect!)


I really like the effect, and it’s pleasing to watch come together.¬†I should have some writing product of my poetry class to show you by the end of the week. That’s my prioritised occupation, really, so watch this space!