Weather Changing (Painting)


Trying to get the hang of depicting water with some level of believability. I wanted it to feel like it was a bright day in this, imaginary landscape, but the water and weather was turning. To do this again I would wet wash the sky with more care. I would also choose different colours, but I wanted to restrict the choices I was making, so I just used what was already on my palette. I think it has a nice feel, and I’ll get there with water. Slippery thing.




Be blessed, go make something.


Lazy Stays (Poem)


– If easy comes –
High and fat, like the swollen city birds.
Whole sections of each quarter, in every town
claimed by plump bums on railings,
squashing and preening.
Splattering onto car parks and bridges while eating.
Pigeons eat manna from Heaven,
while skeletons scrounge crusts on the kerb.
Surviving under living gargoyles of greed.
– lazy stays.