To focus my work, I’ve created three different categories of ‘style’ that all my work should fit into. This is the first product of this new process, and I’m really pleased. This style I’ve dubbed ‘Johnson’, at least for now.


Johnson – One

The theme is ‘Remembrance’, including in the motif an Elm tree which signifies death, Nasturtiums for resilience and victory in battle, Foxglove signifying medical treatments and poison, and Rosemary and Poppies for remembrance.

I would love feedback, hope you like this direction! The other two styles will feature soon. Lots of exciting things to come. I’m even toying with some poetry ideas to couple with this piece.


The Beginning


(taken in the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech on honeymoon)

I’m Suky. I’m here because after a series of big changes in my life I had a question; “What should I do?”, and I answered it with the question “What can I not do?”. I’ve got a theory that I can’t stop thinking, or making things.

The purpose for starting this blog is to add clarity and value to a time of life where it can be hard to make it so, and keep it so.

I’ve loved reading blogs for a long time, and have always gained knowledge and insight from reading other people’s reflections on their experiences. I hope and wonder if me doing the same would do that for anyone out there~

I want to encourage focus in my life, on a few areas specifically:

  • Writing: I am writing two poems a week (at least, those are my ‘scheduled’ ones)
  • Mental health; I want to invest time for reflection and processing, as I’m going through a period of depression. I also want to keep fostering my interests whilst it’s harder for me to keep going with them
  • Art/crafts: I make lace, sew, I do a little crochet, and I paint. I’m working on my sketching skills to help with me my painting, too. I work in gouache.

I’m sure the list goes on. My point is, I need to craft a space for myself, and a little bit of pressure to fill it. I hope to connect with others through this, too. So please, talk to me, challenge me, ask me stuff.

As I contemplated starting this blog, I was questioning what I had to ‘give’, and my conclusion is that my experiences in life have lead to me having a very varied range of knowledge and interests, but no specialism. (As of yet – I’m still young!) My experiences are the key thing giving me trouble lately, and so I’d like to work them out and celebrate them here in all the ways my quirks manifest. I’d really like to provide any readers with something to think about, some encouragement to keep them going as I try to keep me going.

I’m going to talk about what I’m reading, listening to, making (in all the senses) in the hope that you the reader can take some of it for yourself.

Please bear with me as I find my feet.

And so, I’ll end my beginning here with a hopefully not too depressing song that I’m listening to while I write:

Enjoy. Be lovely.