September begins: my next ‘style collection’



For now this one is named ‘Associate’. I would describe these pieces as being the ones where there is high contrast, a moody feel in blues and purples, recognisably organic shapes and motifs feature under an overall abstract and stylised approach –  using masking fluid and other ‘artificial’ manipulations like the diptych here. I want them to have severity and also depth, where possible.

What do you think? Does this successfully come through? These are fun to do, and relatively quick to come together after the conception of the idea.
Also, I moved house last week, so have a much better space for working, yay! Expect more on here from now. I feel freed up. I hope to write more soon too, just need to settle down. Does anyone else need their brain to catch up when they have something like moving house?



To focus my work, I’ve created three different categories of ‘style’ that all my work should fit into. This is the first product of this new process, and I’m really pleased. This style I’ve dubbed ‘Johnson’, at least for now.


Johnson – One

The theme is ‘Remembrance’, including in the motif an Elm tree which signifies death, Nasturtiums for resilience and victory in battle, Foxglove signifying medical treatments and poison, and Rosemary and Poppies for remembrance.

I would love feedback, hope you like this direction! The other two styles will feature soon. Lots of exciting things to come. I’m even toying with some poetry ideas to couple with this piece.

Experimenting with Masking Fluid


Enjoying playing with masking fluid lately. The texture is really refreshing in this medium. Here’s a couple of closeups:



I wanted a moody, fantasy world feel. Like a creature from Magic: The Gathering might appear from the trees. I think I’ll do some more like this. Maybe not whole compositions or ‘scenes’ but the texture and the feel.

Wendy’s Wonderful Garden

My good friend Wendy runs a great blog, which you can find here, documenting her gardening and growing flowers from seed. She has kindly let me use the pictures on her blog for inspiration for this piece, which has been really fun to make. I hope you like it, Wendy!

I wanted to grasp the feeling of keeping a garden and how you feel when you’re there; the comfortable and serene space that comes through in Wendy’s blog and photos. The round freehand, water-blob shape I felt would signify the connection to nature and life gardeners enjoy. I think it created the enveloping world a hobby can be. I also wanted a balance of wilderness and the cultivated nature, completely using only elements from Wendy’s garden.

Wendy 1
Whole Painting
Wendy detail 1
Wendy detail


I hope you like it. Now go check out Wendy’s lovely blog, then go outside!

Weather Changing (Painting)


Trying to get the hang of depicting water with some level of believability. I wanted it to feel like it was a bright day in this, imaginary landscape, but the water and weather was turning. To do this again I would wet wash the sky with more care. I would also choose different colours, but I wanted to restrict the choices I was making, so I just used what was already on my palette. I think it has a nice feel, and I’ll get there with water. Slippery thing.




Be blessed, go make something.

Another Rock in the Sea (Painting)


Currently feeling worse for wear after a church youth weekend away, and having just returned from yoga. At least I can paint sitting down!

I’m working on some sonnet-esque stuff in my writing, but this piece is some ‘showable’ work I’m currently doing. I rarely cover the whole A4 page in my book, but here we are. I like this style with the outline in pen.

Salty Painting



Mark 9:50

Salt is good, but if the salt has lost its saltiness, how will you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with one another.

Depression takes lives. And even if it doesn’t kill you, it still takes your life. Your liveliness, your life-spirit, heart, enthusiasm, your growth, your essence, your vitality…

Your saltiness.

I think I lost mine last year. I don’t know how it comes to be so easy to let it go. At hand, instead of the murky waters of ‘why’s and ‘how’s, I’m trying to take that challenge from Mark. How will I make me salty again? I don’t think I’ll be the same as I was before, and I’m happy with that. I feel like if I solve this like a problem, and not tangle it up in my sense of identity and purpose (which isn’t always so easy, I know), I might be more successful and come sooner. I’m trying to see it as a sort of reinvention. The fact that the subject is me is by the by.

Thinking about all this, the painting above is made with salt, to create the textured look of the pigment. My habits are going well, and I think I’m getting closer to more adventurous (read:scary) action to make myself feel better.

I hope you’re all well. Try art journalling, if you’re not. No one has to look at it – not even you once you’ve done it. Look at where it falls on this graph!


Take it easy, folks